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Room Condition Inventory Form

When you move into your room, carefully review the check-in list.   Look for items that are missing, not in good condition, or need repairs.  Make a brief comment in the space provided (such as “broken”) or use a separate sheet if necessary.  If an item needs repair, complete a Maintenance Request and write “MR” in the space next to that item.  If something needs cleaning, please refer to the guidelines below.
This form is important so that you will not be charged for any pre-existing condition when you move out.  When you do a room change or move out, the Residence Life Staff will use this same form to determine if any maintenance or cleaning is required.  PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM WITHIN 48 HOURS AFTER YOU MOVE-IN OR TRANSFER. Any submissions after this time will not be taken into a consideration and we will assume that your room was in good condition upon your moving in.
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